prateek2Over the years Prateek Bhaduri has thoroughly Entertained Crowds all over the country making him one of the most fond Singer’s from Pune…..

Prateek Bhaduri is a singer /songwriter who has also been the vocalist of well known Indian Bands such as Progressive Rock band Infidels Of Sanity from Pune, Classic Rock Band Livewire from Pune and currently is the frontman of the bands  What Plough ? (Alternative Rock) & Moonstruck Project (Blues Funk/Alternative) 

Bollywood Connect
Prateek has also lent his voice in Bollywood, as a playback singer for the film Nabbeyy by the Director Nabh Kumar Raju of Maine Pyaar Kiya , Hum aape Marte Hain Fame .
He also did a cameo role in the film and played himself singing his song in the movie.
The movie has won various prestigious awards in International Film Festivals recently being the Best Film in the Nashik Film Festival .Currently show in Film Festivals around the country.

Prateek Bhaduri formerly an Independent Artist from Pune rose to fame as a Rock Musician and Frontman of his band Infidels Of Sanity that was one of the top Progressive Rock Band’s in the country until they halted their projects in 2012.
Since 2012 Prateek Bhaduri has been a fond solo performer and also the frontman of the bands, Moonstruck Project (Blues Funk/Alternative), What Plough ? (Alternative Rock ) , Livewire (Classic Rock) .
Prateek has toured all over the country doing gigs in the most reputed venues such as Hard Rock Café , Blue Frog to mention a few.


Debut Multilingual EP & Other Original Projects 

Singer/Songwriter Project “Prateek Bhaduri “
Debut EP : Different Shades Of Me
Prateek’s working on his first EP “Different Shades Of Me “ that is soon to be released in November/ December 2014 .The songs are written in 3 languages English, Hindi and Bengali .

“Drift Deeper” a song from his 2014 upcoming EP “Different Shades Of Me “ has been on India’s top Indie Playlist on Radio One 94.3 FM and Radio City Freedom .

Featured Artist in Sofar Sound India Session 2014 : He was featured by Sofar India on their 2014 Edition .Sofar is an International Record Label that has a unique concept of promoting artists world over by creating a intimate session of the artist with people who enjoy his music . 

Prateek Bhaduri’s song release was also mentioned on Pepsi MTV Indie’s a well known Music Channel on TV.

The EP has been covered in Newspapers such TOI (Pune, Mumbai & Bangalore), Mumbai Mirror, Pune Mirror and has been covered by reputed music magazines such as Rolling Stone, Skore Magazine and Big M .

His band Infidels Of Sanity and their Song Glazed was voted in the Top 10 Rock Songs in India by the Rolling Stone Magazine in 2012.

Prateek Bhaduri – Drift Deeper (Official Video )

Children Of Love –Live at High Spirits ,Pune